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Thursday, 29 May 2014

She's Back! Estella the Typewriter Doll

She hasn't exactly been in mothballs these past four and a half years. In fact, Estella has been living pretty rough since the Typewriter Museum moved out of Narrabundah - first in a dark and lonely storage unit, and for the past couple of years in a dark and dank garage. She used to have pride of place, but since December 2009 she's been shoved from pillar to post. Still, all she appears to have suffered in that time is a lost shoe and some mussed hair. And now she's back!
That's a photo of her boyfriend Dalgo on the desk.
The 'new' display cabinet I bought last week, especially to give Estella good vantage point.
The typewriter on her desk is almost an exact replica of this Torpedo 18.
Below, in December 2009, when she still had two shoes and every strand of hair was in place.


ZetiX said...

Finally you have a secretary! :)

Donald Lampert said...

Yes, she looks very focused on her work - "no nonsense" with Miss Estella!