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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Birthday Special

As promised, my good friend Deborah's birthday special:
In truth, it's not the "Typewriter of the Republic" (Deborah is proudly one of our leading Australian Republican Movement advocates) but an Underwood 18, looking an awful lot better than it did when it left the Antares factory in Italy in the early 1960s.
On top of all sorts of other jobs, including being executive officer of the Australian National University College of Law and wife of cricket historian, retired chemistry teacher and ArtSound Down in the Basement blues and jazz presenter Peter Crossing, Deborah is a Les Mills qualified body balance instructor. These Leunig drawings are appropriate, as Deborah and Peter, both South Australians, are great wine buffs:
This is Peter's 60th birthday typewriter, from a few years ago. It's the only typewriter in the world with the lyrics of Copperhead Road on the paper plate:


Rob Bowker said...

There's certainly little chance of Deborah mislaying her new typewriter! said...

Looks good enough to eat!

Richard P said...

What fantastic gifts, both of these! Unique testaments to your skill and friendship.

Bill M said...

Great work on the typewriter! It sure makes a superb brthday gift.